The Rite

2016 - 2017 | performance (1 hour) & installation | 6 x 6 x 3 meters

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Why has man, from the start of it's existence, always been involved in communal rituals? What power does it hold as it comes to celebrating special life events, or just sharing a meal together? And what of it's power is lost in nowadays modern society in which man tends to live more individualized, and communal traditions such as visiting church has become less popular?

The Rite is an performative experiment on how to create a modern ritual that is suit for all of us contemporary people with different believes, backgrounds and cultures. The decor has turned black and white, all symbols random. Eating and experiencing sound, scent, visuals and social impulses, form the core of this one hour durational performance.

This video was made during the performance at the Winterwolven performance festival in Arminius in Rotterdam (nov. 2016) in cooperation with food artist Lonneke Jonker and gallery Roodkapje With special thanks to the Mondriaan Foundation



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