2020 | necklace | two people's hair, ruby and glass beads, silver thread | (30 x 60 cm)  

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During Victorian times, it was common, to create jewellery out of a deceased persons' hair; 'mourning jewellery', these pieces were called. At the height of this custom's popularity, merchants would even travel from village to village, to buy the hair of the less fortunate...
For the past fifteen years, I've been a caregiver for one of my close relatives. The relation I have with this person, has always been complex; It's completely based on trust, which makes the bond very fragile. And because this is also a paid job, which partly enables my art practice.
I feel like I had to make many crucial life decisions for this person throughout the years; as where to study, and where to live. And recently, due to circumstances, also how to look, as I was trusted with the task of cutting off his hair.





Size glass casing: 33,5cm x 42cm x 9cm


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