Modern Medicine for Poorous Measures

8th of March 2020 | photographs 

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Material: chicken fence wire, thyme, chamomile, cinnamon, red pepper, nettle, ginger, lemon, sage, dill, radish, orange, liquorice, pine tree, lungwort


Man got sick from mass consuming other animal species
Man got sick from not wanting to share inconvenient information
Man dies on large scale from not taking care of ethnic minorities, refugees locked up in camps, the poor, the vulnerable, from dictators not caring for life other than their own
Man and nature seem to survive as man withdraws from it’s daily routine
Man hopes to stay well by caging their smiles in public
The plague doctor stuffs it’s face with herbs, to protect itself from wickedness



As presented during the Witte Rook residency, Breda (NL) | 2020

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