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Lives and works in Rotterdam, NL

2012 - 2014      Ma of Arts, Community arts (specialisation in performance art), Codarts, Rotterdam
2008 - 2012      Ba of Arts, fine-arts, Willem de Kooning academy, Rotterdam
2011 - 2012      Minor Philosophy, Erasmus University Rotterdam (as part of Ba fine-arts)
2002 - 2008      VWO, Emmauscollege, Rotterdam


Selection of solo exhibitions & manifestations

2020, The Meek, Weelde, Rotterdam
2020, The Great Health, Witte Rook, Breda
2019, Samaya Monastry, performance Rice, Utrecht
2019, De Aanschouw, showing Four, curated by Robin Kolleman, Rotterdam
2019, Concordia, Rens, film, Couplet 2.0., Enschede
2019, Gemeentemuseum Den Haag, performance On the Sublime, with Alter Moderna & Sis Josip
2018, Concordia, exhibit of several installation pieces, Enschede
2018, Durational performance Silent BreachMaria Hospital, Overpelt (BE)
2018, WORM, Food for Thoughts, performance & dinner Wer denn sagst dass Beton nicht brennt?, Rotterdam
2017, 4Bid gallery,The Rite, together with Lonneke Jonker, Amsterdam
2016, Marketplace in Rotterdam, performance Der Stille Mensch, Rotterdam
2016, Uitdagen Rotterdam, Kruisplein, Krisis, (Cooperation with Robert Roelink), Rotterdam 
2014,  PAE, 48-hours durational performance Pooogen, Rotterdam
2014, WTC Rotterdam, Performance- and community arts project Not Dead Yet, Rotterdam
2013, Castlefest 2013, four days durational performance act at the festival Dr. Jester, Lisse 
2013, De Witte Slagerij, solo-exhibition Matters of perspective, Rotterdam
2013, Bob Smit gallery, RAW-showcases, Being human anno 2012, Rotterdam
2012, WTC Beurplein, performance Being Human Anno 2012, Rotterdam
2012, Podium O950, performance De Grote op Leven en Dood Show, Rotterdam
2009 - 2010, Baroeg Rotterdam (more then 20 solo performances through out 2009 and 2010)

Selection of group exhibitions

2021, Publieke Werken, Modern, Rotterdam, NL
This Art Fair, Amsterdam, NL
2020, Gallery Frank Taal,
10+ , Homo Fragilis, Rotterdam, NL
2020, Deformes Trienal, CorporAte, CL
2020, Unnoticed Art FestivalPassenger, Dordrecht, NL
2020, Fe-male, performance art festival, GL
2020, Kolkata International Performance Art Festival, Solidarity, Kolkata, IN
2020, Defibrilator Performance Art Gallery, Zhou B Art Center, What RemainsThe Artist's Armor, Chicago, US
2020, Palazzo Mora, International Performance Art Week, Venice, IT
2020, BUT Film Festival, performing Ultimate Perversions, Breda, NL
2020, Gallery Frank Taal,10+ performance Homo Fragilis and showing fine-arts works, Rotterdam, NL
2020, De Aandeelhoudersvergadering, Zoön Politikon, Kunsttorentje Almelo
2020, Unnoticed Art Festival, Passenger (performance score), Dordrecht
2019,  PiPe!, Pictura, Cad Goddue, with Alter Moderna, Dordrecht
2019,  Taskaping Alterism, 5th intervention, Neck of the Woods, Rotterdam
           With a.o. Hans Houwing, Evelien de Jong, Olaf Mooij,
           Tiwanee van der Horst, Johannes Steendam, Jasper de Gelder, Judy van Luyk

2019, De Aandeelhoudersvergadering, Rotterdam, curated by Maarten Bel
With a.o. Jeroen Jongeleen, De Schilderijencentrale, Daan den Houter, Helmut Smits, Marijke
          Appelman and Rowan van As

2019, Over de Brug Festival, Performance Conversation Piece, Rotterdam, NL
2019,  Project ID Inbetween Identities, performance Diealogue,
           With o.a. Peter Baren, Andrigo & Aliprandi (IT), Fenia Kotsopoulou (UK), Marcel Sparmann (DE), Yvette
           Teeuwen, Miranda Meijer and Kirsten Heshusius, The Hague

2019, Worm, Screening of video Der Stille Mensch at Roffa Filmclub, Rotterdam
2019, Gorcums Museum, Performance and artist talk Broeder-Bruder-Bruedher, Gorinchem
2019, Root Gallery, Time to Perform, performance On the Sublime, Rotterdam
2018, The Performance Bar, How to Preserve what's Beautiful, performance, Rotterdam
2018, Gorcums Museum, Broeder - Bruder - Bruedher,  installation/performance piece, Gorcum
2018, BeWarehouse of Art, Kunst10Daagse, durational performance Angst, groupexhibition
         With o.a. Art van Triest, Olaf Mooij, Daan den Houter, Tiwånee van der Horst, De Schilderijencentrale
          and Igor Blok, Bergen

2018, Participating to the artproject Performance Monologues by artist Ieke Trinks with a monologue
2018, Solstice Gallery, performance Tabula Rasa for Robin Kolleman's exhibit Ensemble, Brussels (BE)
2018, Eldorado 3000/Neck of the Woods, Monochrome, groupexhibition, Rotterdam 
          With a.o. Johannes Steendam and Jasper de Gelder, Eddy Kaijser
2018, ART Rotterdam, Prospects & Concepts show, All for Art, Rotterdam
2017, Hoogtij #54, Arte Sin Limites galerie, DHD, Den Haag
2017, Stichting Doen, showcasing the research book Zoön Politikon, Rotterdam
2017, Arte Concordia, Rotterdam, Zoön Politikon, curated by Karin Arink,
          With o.a. Robin Kolleman, Paul Cox, Rolf Engelen, Iris Bouwmeester,
          Maurice Meeuwisse and Tanja Smeets

2017, Now & Then, Eldorado3000, performance Angst, Rotterdam
2017, Backfire, ArtZNSTD, Zaandam, installation The Wander,
          With a.o. Lizan Freijsen, Harold Linker and Robert Roelink
2016, WORM, MINT, performance iSocial, Rotterdam
2016, Roodkapje, Winterwolven festival, Arminius, performance The Rite, Rotterdam
2016, 3 in 1 Festival, performance My Fucking Fabulous Facebook Life, Breda
2016, Cultuurnacht Breda, performance Save the Sound, Breda
2015,  Festival the Brave, Community arts project, together with Mira Ticheler ,Statue of the Brave, Amsterdam
2015, De Parade, performance in Loes Luca's show, Rotterdam
2012, Graduation festival, Fenixloodsen, Willem de Kooning academy, Rotterdam
2012, Route du Nord, installation All the Things, Rotterdam
2012, ATFR, O.T. Theater Rotterdam, performance Togathering, Rotterdam
2012, Putsebocht Rotterdam group exhibition Familie Voorzaat (with a.o. Josephine Baan)
2012, Pulchri studios, performance One Piece Remake (together with Karin Arink and Renée Kool), Den Haag
2012, Theater Werklicht, performance De Grote op Leven en Dood Show, Rotterdam
2011, Podium O950, Aanstormend Talent 2011, performance, Rotterdam
2011, Best of graduation WdKa, Frank Taal gallery, performance Absolutely Bananas, Rotterdam
2011, Wereld van de Witte de With festival, Showroom Mama, performance with Wes Westenburg, Rotterdam
2011, Willem de Kooning academy Studios, performance Togathering, Rotterdam
2011, International Film Festival Rotterdam, The Adventures of The Great Abnerio,
          (performing in film project by Abner Preis)
2009, Museumnacht Rotterdam, Goethe instituut Rotterdam, What Happened to Your Dreams
          With a.o. Mette Sterre and Inge Aanstoot
2009 Downw_arts, Rotterdam

Talks & lectures
2021, Sept-Nov, performance art classes for Willem de Kooning academy students, WORM, Rotterdam, NL
2021, Creatieve Begaafdheid i.c.w. A Lot of Complexity, Almere Vathorst, NL
2020, September, performance art classes for Willem de Kooning academy students, WORM, Rotterdam
2020, March, Teaching an artcourse for Novilo, Utrecht
2019, October, Teaching an art course for Novilo, Utrecht
2019, March, Teaching an artcourse for Novilo, Utrecht
2018, Gorcums Museum, Meet & Greet with the Artists, installation/performance Broeder-Bruder-Bruedher
2018, OPA (Open Performance Academy) Performance Art NL, performative artist talk, Rotterdam
2016, De Garage gallery, artist talk, Rotterdam
2015, Willem de Kooning academy, Graduation tutor for students Bachelor of Fine Art, Rotterdam

Video screenings
2020,   2nd of April 2020, Fe Male, Online Performance Art Festival, videowork
            Men - On Feminist Ideals and Actual Biology, curated by Vera Iona Papadopoulou

2019,   9th -11th of oct, Goethe Institute, (Der Stille Mensch), Porto Alegre, Brazil
2019,   9th - 11th of oct, University of Granada, (Der Stille Mensch), UGR Faculty of Fine-arts, Spain
2019,   14th & 15th of oct, Lavapiés(Der Stille Mensch), Madrid, Spain
2019,   27th & 30th of nov. - 7th & 14th of dec., Pictura, Pipe festival, (Der Stille Mensch), Dordrecht, NL
2019,   28th, 29th & 30th of nov., University of Vigo, (Der Stille Mensch), IV International Performance Art
            Conference, Santiago de Compostela, Spain
2019,   27th, 29th & 30th of nov., CIAPI 2019,
(Der Stille Mensch), Murcia, Spain
2019,   9th of December, Jesuit College of the University of Madeira, Portugal

2018,   25th of September, Filmtheatre Cinerama, Videoscreening performance video's (Der Stille Mensch a.o.),
            Rotterdam, NL

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jessicavandeursenwillemdekooningacademie jessicavandeursenhetparool jessicavandeursendetelegraaf

Press / publications:
2021, LAM Museum, Art Entrepreneur Award 2021 (read)
2021, Trendbeheer, verslag van This Art Fair 2021
2021, If Things Grow Wrong, Museum de Lakenhal, Leiden, NL
2021, WECF Nederland, socials campaign, CorporAte
2021, Gorcums Museum - een overzicht 2013 - 2020, book cover image and content book (view)
2020, Jegens & Tevens, about performance and fine-arts work at Frank Taal gallery expo 10+ (read)
2020, Galley Viewer, Frank Taal expo 10+ (read)
2020, Newsletter November - Frank Taal gallery (read)
2020, Cell Performance art (read)
2020, Catalogue De Aandeelhoudersvergadering 2019, indepenent release
          De Aaneelhoudersvergadering 2019 - Rotterdam
2020, Dflbrl8tr gallery, What Remains, Chicago (USA) (read)
2020, Interview for sonic art project ''Wanneer het water stil is'', by Peter Bouwmans for Stedelijk Museum Breda
2020, Witte Rook, interview, on The Great Health, performance at residency Witte Rook, Breda (read)
2020, Stadsblad Breda, on The Great Health, performance at residency Witte Rook, Breda (read)
2020, Breda Vandaag, on The Great Health, performance at residency Witte Rook, Breda (read)
2020, International Festival of Minimum Urban Performances, Urban Body in Action (read, page 160-161)
2020, May and July, Work discussed in online lectures PAS (Performance Art Studies) by Johannes Deimling
2020, NPO Radio 1, Nieuwsuur BV, as art teacher for Art-S-Cool (listen)

2019, Jegens&Tevens, about Pictura Performance Festival, Dordrecht (read)
2019, P.S., Project ID, performance Diealogue, (read)
2019, Pictura/Blad no.3, 2019, PiPe, Pictura (read)
2019, PiPe, about Pictura Performance festival, Dodrecht.net (read)
2019, P.S. Performance Site, Project I.D., about Diealogue (check)
2019, Tubantia, about Couplet 2.0. at Concordia, Enschede (read)
2019, Metropolis M, about All for Art at Art Rotterdam and Couplet 2.0. at Concordia (read)
2019, Museumtijdschrift, about Couplet 2.0. at Concordia, Enschede (read)
2019, ChmKoome's blog (by artist Kees Koomen) blog on performance On the Sublime,
          Nieuwjaarsborrel, Gemeentelijk Museum Den Haag (read)
2019, SEA Foundation, #sea_youhere, online featuring of three of my art projects, Facebook & Instagram

2018, NPO Radio 1, radio interview about Couplet 2.0 at Concordia, Enschede (10-12-2018) (listen)
2018, Gloseum, about Arte Concordia, Zoön Politikon, Rotterdam (read)
2018, Enschede FM, radio interview about Couplet 2.0 at Concordia, Enschede (08-12-2018)
2018, Enschede FM, article on Couplet 2.0 at Concordia, Enschede, 27-10-2018) (read)
2018, Uit in Enschede, promo on Couplet 2.0, at Concordia, Enschede
2018, Huis aan huis Enschede, about Concordia's artproject Couplet 2.0 (read)
2018, Tubantia, about Concordia's artproject Couplet 2.0 (read)
2018, RTV Oost, about Concordia's artproject Couplet 2.0 (read)
2018, AD, about the installation/performance Broeder-Bruder-Bruedher (read)
2018, DeStadGorcum.nl, about the installation/performance Broeder-Bruder-Bruedher (read)
2018, Performance Monologues, contribution to artproject by Ieke Trinks
2018, Kunst en Cultuurkaart, Arnhem aan Zee, De Constructie van de Wereld,
          interview, by Albert van der Weide (read)
2018, Marie (BE), about Silent Breach
2018: Willem de Kooning academy, interview
2018, Mondriaanfonds, blog, Verstarring Doorbreken
2018: Trendbeheer, about All for Art on Art Rotterdam (read)
2018, De Telegraaf, 9th of February, 'Minder beurzen, Sterkere presentatie' about All for Art (read)
2018, Kunstblijfteenraadsel.nl, about All for Art, at art Rotterdam
2018, Blog Birgit Donker, Mondriaanfonds, about All for Art, at Art Rotterdam
2018, Het Parool, 8th of February, about All for Art, at Art Rotterdam (read)
2018, Performance Art NL, about All for Art, at Art Rotterdam (read)
2018, Museumtijdschrift, about All for Art, at Art Rotterdam (read)
2018, Nieuwsredactie, about All for Art, at Art Rotterdam
2018, Mondriaanfonds, (online and printed) catalogue for Prospects & Concepts (read)
2018, Performance Art NL, about All for Art, at Art Rotterdam (read)

2017, Artists in the World (peek here)
2017, De Havenloods, about Zoön Politikon at Arte Concordia
2017, Kunstroute Kralingen Crooswijk, about Zoön Art Politikon at Arte Concordia
2017, De Ster Online, about Zoön Politikon at Arte Concordia
2017, Den Haag FM, Gallery Arte Sin Limites
2017, Interview, Not Random Art Magazine
2017, Interview, Yeds
2016, Uitdagen Rotterdam (online and printed catalogue), about Krisis at Uitdagen Rotterdam
2015, Frame the Artist, TENT Centre for Contemporary Art and Showroom MAMA (Rotterdam)
2015, Interview, Radio RPL fm
2014, Performance Art Event (PAE), about Pooogen (Striving) (read)
2014, De Grote Rotterdamse Kunstkalender 2014, on Being Human Anno 2012
2014, Radio Omroep Zuidplas, interview
2012, Rotterdam TV, exhibition Familie Voorzaat
2009, IJssel & Lekstreek, interview
2008, AD, newspaper, article on Urban Aula project
2008, Maasstad, newspaper, article on Urban Aula project


Grants & subsidies:
2021, LAM Museum / This Art Fair, aanmoedingsprijs Art Entrepreneur Award)
2021, Stichting Droom & Daad, for Dear Shapes in Space, performance art workshops
2019, Stichting Stokroos
2018, CBK Rotterdam, IBB
2017, Gemeente Rotterdam, for exhibition Now&Then
2016, Mondriaan Foundantion, Werkbijdrage Jong Talent (exceptional talent grant)
2012, Vrijvrouwe van Renswoude (exceptional talent scolarship)
2012, Bekker la Bastide fonds (exceptional talent scolarship)
2012, Project subsidy for exhibition Familie Voorzaat, Gemeente Rotterdam

2020, WORM / Ubik, Rotterdam, NL
2020, Witte Rook, Breda, NL
2020, Kolkata International Performance Art Festival, IND
2020, Venice International Performance Art Week, Palazzo Mora, IT
          Led by Andrigo/Aliprandi, Vest&Page and La Pocha Nostra
2019, PiPe, Pictura, Dordrecht, NL
2018, Maria Ziekenhuis & MS clinic, BE (for Silent Breach)
2018 - 2019, Concordia, Enschede, NL
2012, Masterclass series New Music Theatre, Codarts, Rotterdam,
         Led by Micha Hamel and Arlon Luijten

2021, Redo wallpainting in auditorium, Emmauscollege, Rotterdam
2020, Modern Medicine for Poorous Measures, purchased private collection
2019, Couplet 2.0, Concordia, Enschede
2019, Use of images from the Zoön Politikon project for Forum Geschiedenismethode books by publisher Boom
2018, Maria Ziekenhuis, Overpelt (BE), durational performance
2018, Maria Ziekenhuis, Overpelt (BE), purchace Silent Breach sculpture
2017Zoön Politikon, Arte Concordia, Rotterdam
2008, Wallpainting in auditorium, Emmauscollege, Rotterdam

Published writings:
2020, performance scores for The Concept Bank, curated by Frans van Lent
2017, Zoön politikon - De Nederlander als Politiek Dier, independent release for Arte Concordia
2014, A Map to a World Called Performance Art, Thesis Ma of Arts, Codarts
2012, Onbegrensd Mens, Ba of fine-arts, Willem de Kooning academy
2012, Sorry Boom voor het Papier, published poems

Organizing / curating:
2020 - 2021  Guest curator for De Aanschouw, Rotterdam
2017             Hoogtij #54, Galerie Arte sin Limites, Den Haag
2018             Co-curating Now&Then, Eldorado3000, Rotterdam
2008 - 2013, Downw_arts, co-founder & co-director of 21 pop-up fine-art exhibitions in Rotterdam

Other occupations:
2016 - present
ördinator and public relations director at Art-S-Cool, The Hague

Graduation tutor bachelor student Willem de Kooning academy

2015 - present

Lecturer on the topic of (performance) art (regarding my book publication
A Map to a World Called Performance Art, 2015),
at Codarts, Willem de Kooning academy Novilo, Art-S-Cool and private for courses

2014 - present
Founder of Arty Farty Life. Blog and vlog for promoting sustainable,
innovative and social ideas and products
- Freelance copywriter, graphic designer & product photographer

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