Current and forthcoming exhibitions & activities

- 1st July - 1st of August, Publieke Werken, Rotterdam, NL

- 26th - 29th of August 2021, This Art Fair, Amsterdam, NL

- Marco de Waal, 5th of August | M.V. Baks, 9th of September | Lise Sore,  23rd of September,
  Curator for De Aanschouw, Rotterdam, NL

- September 2021 - January 2022 - Teaching masterclasses Creatieve Begaafdheid,
  Theater de Kamers, Amersfoort, NL

- 8th of October 2021, HECTOBAR, Het Nieuwe Instituut. Curator: David Bade en Amira Gad.
  Presented by Ellis Kat.

- Webinar / performance | Re-Marriage - The Art of Polyamory - sharing thoughts, art, experience & feelings |
   Su. 17th of Oct. 2021 | 08:00 - 10:00 p.m. | English spoken | 
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- 11th of September - 11th of November, Dear Shapes in Space, performance opera, WORM, Rotterdam, NL

- 26th of November 2021, interview Stad Radio Amsterdam, 09:00-22:00 p.m.


Due to covid-19 postponed until further notice:

- Performance Stedelijk Museum Breda, NL

- 15th July - 15th August 2020, pIAR, Artist in Residence, Ghana

- a.y.t.b.a. (September) 2020, IDFX performance festival, Breda, NL

- a.y.t.b.a. performance, Spill Yer Tea, Liverpool, UK


- 9th of June 2021, teaching an artcourse for Novilo, Utrecht, NL

- 11th - 13th of June 2021, Riga Performance art Festival, Latvia

- 4th of May, choreographing / performance dramaturgy for the NPO live television broadcast

  Nationale Kinderherdenking, The Hague, NL

- 23th - 25th of April 2021, performance for Lise Sore with Sofie Hollander, at 
TAC, Eindhoven, NL

- Juli 2020 - 31st of January 2021, Wanneer het Water Stil Is, vocal contribution to Peter Bouwmans installation,
   Stedelijk Museum Breda, NL

- December 2020, Online lecture, No Fear - No Limit,
  supported by Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in 
Russia, RUS

- 9th of January, Be-coming Tree, live stream performance, NL/UK



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Solo exhibitions & manifestations (selection)

2020, Witte Rook, The Great Health, Breda, NL
2019, De Aanschouw, Four, Rotterdam, NL
2019, Concordia, Couplet 2.0., Enschede, NL
2019, Gemeentemuseum Den Haag, On the Sublime, Den Haag, NL
2018, Concordia, Enschede, NL
2018, WORM, Wer denn sagst dass Beton nicht brennt?, Rotterdam, NL
2016, Uitdagen Rotterdam, Krisis, Rotterdam, NL
2013, Bob Smit gallery, Being human anno 2012, Rotterdam, NL


Group exhibitions (selection)

2020, Gallery Frank Taal,10+ , Homo Fragilis, Rotterdam, NL
2020, Deformes Trienal, CorporAte, CL
2020, Unnoticed Art FestivalPassenger, Dordrecht, NL
2020, Fe-male, performance art festival, GL
2020, Kolkata International Performance Art Festival, Solidarity, Kolkata, IN
2020, Defibrilator Performance Art Gallery, Zhou B Art Center, What RemainsThe Artist's Armor, Chicago, US
2020, Palazzo Mora, International Performance Art Week, Venice, IT
2019, Pictura, PiPe!, Cad Goddue, Dordrecht. NL
2019, Goethe Institute, Porto Alegre, BR
2019, International Performance Art Conference, Santiago de Compostela, ES
2019, University of Granada, ES
2019, Jesuit College of the University of Madeira, PT
2019, Project ID Inbetween Identities, performance Diealogue,
           With o.a. Peter Baren, Andrigo & Aliprandi (IT), Fenia Kotsopoulou (UK), Marcel Sparmann (DE), Yvette
           Teeuwen, Miranda Meijer and Kirsten Heshusius, The Hague, NL
2019, Root Gallery, Time to Perform, Rotterdam, NL
2018, Gorcums Museum, Broeder - Bruder - Bruedher, Gorcum, NL
2018, Solstice Gallery, Tabula Rasa, Brussels, BE
2018, ART Rotterdam, Prospects & Concepts show, All for Art, Rotterdam, NL
2018, Filmtheatre Cinerama, Der Stille Mensch a.o., Rotterdam
2017, Hoogtij #54, galerie Arte Sin Limites, Den Haag, NL
2017, Arte ConcordiaZoön Politikon,
          Curated by Karin Arink. With o.a. Robin Kolleman, Paul Cox, Rolf Engelen, Iris Bouwmeester,
          Maurice Meeuwisse and Tanja Smeets, Rotterdam, NL
2017, ArtZNSTD, Backfire, The Wander,
          With a.o. Lizan Freijsen, Harold Linker and Robert Roelink, Zaandam, NL
2016, Roodkapje, Winterwolven festival, Arminius,The Rite, Rotterdam, NL
2015 - 2009 (selection)
         - De Parade, Rotterdam, NL
         - Route du Nord, Rotterdam, NL
         - Pulchri studios, Den Haag, NL
         - Frank Taal galerieRotterdam, NL
         - Showroom Mama, Rotterdam, NL
         - International Film Festival Rotterdam, Rotterdam, NL
         - Goethe instituut Rotterdam, Museumnacht, with a.o. Mette Sterre and Inge Aanstoot, Rotterdam, NL


Talks & lectures (selection)

2021, Sept-Nov, performance art classes for Willem de Kooning academy students, WORM, Rotterdam, NL
2021, Creatieve Begaafdheid i.c.w. A Lot of Complexity, Almere Vathorst, NL
2020, September, performance art classes for Willem de Kooning academy students, WORM, Rotterdam, NL
2019 - 2020, Novilo, artcourses, Utrecht, NL
2018, Gorcums Museum, Gorcum, NL
2018, Open Performance Academy, Rotterdam, NL
2017, Codarts University for the Arts, Rotterdam, NL
2016, Gallery Garage, Rotterdam, NL
2015, Willem de Kooning academy, Rotterdam, NL
2014, Not Dead Yet, Performance art and community arts project, Rotterdam, NL


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Press / publications (selection)

2021, LAM Museum, Art Entrepreneur Award 2021 (read)
2021, Trendbeheer, verslag van This Art Fair 2021
2021, Museum de Lakenhal, If Things Grow Wrong, Leiden, NL (read)
2021, WECF Nederland, socials campaign, CorporAte
2021, Gorcums Museum - een overzicht 2013 - 2020, book cover image and content book (view)
2020, Jegens & Tevens, about performance and fine-arts work at Frank Taal gallery expo 10+ (read)
2020, Dflbrl8tr gallery, What Remains, Chicago (USA) (read)
2020, Witte Rook, interview, on The Great Health, performance at residency Witte Rook, Breda (read)
2020, International Festival of Minimum Urban Performances, Urban Body in Action (read, page 160-161)
2020, PAS (Performance Art Studies), Johannes Deimling
2020, NPO Radio 1, Nieuwsuur BV, as art teacher for Art-S-Cool (listen)
2019, Jegens&Tevens, about Pictura Performance Festival, Dordrecht (read)
2019, Pictura/Blad no.3, 2019, PiPe, Pictura (read)
2019, P.S. Performance Site, Project I.D., about Diealogue (check)
2019, Tubantia, about Couplet 2.0. at Concordia, Enschede (read)
2019, Metropolis M, about All for Art at Art Rotterdam and Couplet 2.0. at Concordia (read)
2019, Museumtijdschrift, about Couplet 2.0. at Concordia, Enschede (read)
2019, SEA Foundation, #sea_youhere, online featuring of three of my art projects, Facebook & Instagram
2018, NPO Radio 1, radio interview about Couplet 2.0 at Concordia, Enschede (10-12-2018) (listen)
2018, Tubantia, about Concordia's artproject Couplet 2.0 (read)
2018, RTV Oost, about Concordia's artproject Couplet 2.0 (read)
2018, AD, about the installation/performance Broeder-Bruder-Bruedher (read)
2018, Kunst en Cultuurkaart, Arnhem aan Zee, interview, by Albert van der Weide (read)
2018: Willem de Kooning academy, interview (read)
2018, Mondriaanfonds, blog, Verstarring Doorbreken
2018: Trendbeheer, about All for Art on Art Rotterdam (read)
2018, De Telegraaf, 9th of February, 'Minder beurzen, Sterkere presentatie' about All for Art (read)
2018, Mondriaanfonds, Blog Birgit Donker, about All for Art, at Art Rotterdam (read)
2018, Het Parool, 8th of February, about All for Art, at Art Rotterdam (read)
2018, Museumtijdschrift, about All for Art, at Art Rotterdam (read)
2018, Mondriaanfonds, (online and printed) catalogue for Prospects & Concepts (read)
2017, Interview, Not Random Art Magazine
2015, Frame the Artist, TENT Centre for Contemporary Art and Showroom MAMA (Rotterdam)
2014, De Grote Rotterdamse Kunstkalender 2014, on Being Human Anno 2012
2008, AD, newspaper, article on Urban Aula project

Grants & subsidies  (selection)

2021, LAM Museum / This Art Fair, aanmoedingsprijs Art Entrepreneur Award)
2021, Fonds Kwadraat
2021, Stichting Droom & Daad, for Dear Shapes in Space, performance art workshops
2019, Stichting Stokroos
2018, CBK Rotterdam, IBB
2016, Mondriaan Foundation, Werkbijdrage Jong Talent (exceptional talent grant)
2012, Vrijvrouwe van Renswoude (exceptional talent scolarship)
2012, Bekker la Bastide fonds (exceptional talent scolarship)

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