Zoön Politikon – De Nederlander als Politiek Dier

2018 | performance  (30 min) and outdoor installation (3 x 4 x 3 meters) 

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Preceding the Dutch elections in March 2017, to me, the political news seemed to be more nearby and intense than ever before. The political landscape has dramatically changed over the last couple of years. Not only in the Netherlands, but also worldwide. New political figures such as Geert Wilders and Donald Trump can no longer be defined by conventional terms as 'left wing' or 'right wing'. And it has become increasingly difficult to determine if the political news with which we've been bombarded lately, is based on truth or fiction.

The Greek philosopher Aristotle (384 - 322 B.C.) already claimed that a human being is inherently a highly social and therefore also a political being. This implies that we need to relate to one another to at least coexist peacefully. But what if our communication gets disturbed by all kinds of stereotypes and false conceptions? And who is to blame for the propaganda, since nowadays, the public is no longer only the consumer of the news, but also its producer and broadcaster.


I went back in time, looking for the voters and enthusiasts of the largest Dutch political parties (just follow the likes and hearts online...). I then collected a thousand portraits from the voter's personal social media accounts and stacked them on top of one another as transparant layers with specialised software from Oxford University. This way, I was able to calculate the average face of the voters of each party.

These average faces were presented as placards during Arte Concordia (september, 2017). In addition to this exhibition, I also released the book 
Zoön Politikon, in which I collected all kinds of stats and trivia that were collected during the production of this work.


Book - 
Zoön Politikon

As a work of reference. the book Zoon Politikon was published on the occasion the 2018 Arte Concordia exhibition. Of this artist book, five prints were made.



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