Wer sagt denn das Beton nicht Brennt? - Hast Du's probiert?

2018 | performance | 120 minutes | WORM | Rotterdam

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This performance, I created for the Foods for Thoughts programme at WORM (Rotterdam). Their request was to create a performance that had a relation to food and a document from WORMs archive. I selected the book Wer sagt denn das Beton nicht Brennt? - Hast Du's probiert?, which recounts how young people and artists living in the DDR state, (eastern Berlin ) during the 80's were experimenting with filmmaking and performance art, as a means to deal with their restricted daily lives.

Just like then, the threat of war seems to be upon us. But unlike then, it seems that nowadays less young voices are speaking out against this...

And well, why should we anyway, while we’re still fine today? Let’s not worry about these problems now, right? That’s why I turned WORM into a cozy karaoke bar, with the intend to forget about the world as hard as we possibly could. The audience could tear off a 'sleeve' of my specially designed karaoke skirt. Each sleeve had a songtitle on it of a famous protest song. The audience members that picked a song, got a free shot of bourbon to drink with me, before I started singing a new song.
During this one hour performance, I sang eight protest songs, I drank almost a whole bottle of Jack Daniels. During this 'dinner show' an assistant -who was wearing a gas mask- handed out jars and cans with preppers' food as snacks for the audience... 







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