Tabula Rasa

2018 | performance | 60 minutes | 8 meters wide dress

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This performance, I developed as a finissage piece of an solo exhibition (Solstice Gallery, Brussels) by my collegue-artist Robin Kolleman. Robin invited me to create this work, since she felt that our works contains certain similarities, as it comes to both our themes and aesthetics. I decided, I wanted to bring an ode to Robin's work, based on her often used themes of attempting to intimately connect with others, voyeurism, sexuality and femininity. 

I was inspired by her piece called Fairytale, which is an object made of braided hair, measuring three meters long and 20 centimeters wide. She hung this braid from the facade of the gallery and draped it all across it's adjacend street. So this innocent looking braid would get stepped on.
I decided to bring the imaginairy girl of which this braid could belong to, further to life. Robin created another custom made braid for me, to match the eight meters wide, white dress I created, in order to fill the whole width of the street.

For this performance, I stood still for 60 minutes. Then I undressed and started to hide all feminin bodyparts with bandage (a material Robin often uses for her work). Then, I hid myself in the white dress. Robin pulled the braid from my hair, that was still sticking out, that she then hung from the facade of the gallery again, like she did with her work Fairytale. 

For me, this performance was about the unease I often feel, about having to function in society as an adult (woman) and living up to all our cultural inherent social expectations. It's about my longing for the possibility of living in total innocense: to not have to play along the game of life, not having to take (time, space, attention) from others, in order to exist and thrive. To undo all these complexities; to become a tabula rasa again. 









Photos and videos by the artist Charley Case

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