2020 | online performance | 10 minutes | for Trienal Deformes | Chili / Netherlands

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The body doesn't think, and therefor also doesn't see the human body as something other than nature. Yet, mankind manipulates every single aspect of nature, in order to sustain only itself. Trying to prevent the inevitable, like disease, death, disgust, pain. And like this, man is slowly destroying the world it rests it’s very feet on.

But there's maybe another way. The body is strong. It can rot, whiter and feel appaling, and still survive. It should not be underestimated, but trained and challanged instead.
What goes up, must go down. Let's be brave, and get back to digging deep into the dirt to look for the balance in the natural order. And let's do this, with the little grace we've got left.