2020 | online performance | 10 minutes | for Trienal Deformes | Chili / Netherlands

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The last two thousand years, men has spend it's talents and intellect on molding, transforming and manipulating the world - nature, and ultimately also itself, in the pursuit of utopias that never came about.
Now, confronted with the actual daunting dystopia of the climate crisis, it is time to deepen this mere rationalistic view on the world. Starting by reconnecting to (our) nature from a holistic consciousness. By acting from our bodies, that is nature and knows it's laws immanently. And which is equipped to deal with all the inevitable fear, sickness, discomfort, danger and death that's just part of life, but we've spend two millennia running away from.

AtëAté or Aite (Ancient Greek: aτη) is the Greek goddess of mischief, delusion, ruin, and folly. Até also refers to an action performed by a hero that leads to their death or downfall.