Being Human Anno 2012

2012 | performance | 60 minutes | at the stairs of the World Trade Centre in Rotterdam

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In 2011, this square was taken by the Occupy movement for many months. After the demonstrators were forced to leave on command of the mayor of Rotterdam (Ahmed Aboutaleb), the same square is now, one year later, cleverly filled with a grid of small trees, to prevent the demonstrators from ever returning. 

Other than this, there’s nothing left that may remind anyone who’s passing by, of the Occupy camp. But has the social discontent vanished too? Is there anyone who still cares or even remembers the (apparently mere) Occupy hype? And is 2012 indeed a year in which the widely proclaimed ‘’shift’’ will take place, as many claim?

After this performance, I continued with the community arts project Not Dead Yet (2014), in order to revive this performance together with former member of Occupy Rotterdam.

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