Absolutely Bananas

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Performance, duration: 7 minutes, Frank Taal Gallery, Rotterdam

This performance started off with an announcement of the performance to the audience, by Frank Taal himself. After that, nothing happened. Then my fellow performer Michael Baks seemingly panicked, ran to the back of the gallery, and clearly audible, urge me to hurry and go perform. I responded by a loud and seemingly angry response, shouting and screaming from out the back of the gallery.

Then, this diva entered. I sat down on a chair that was theatrically placed in the middle of the gallery. I took my time. Making slow movements. Taking a banana from my bag, then peeled it slowly and ate it slowly. After a while, I got up with an arrogant smirk on my face, walking up to the audience, standing a bit too close to them -getting in their space- checking them out, while eating the banana arrogantly.

I then went back to my seat again and finish my banana. 

Then I took a marker pen from by bag. Signed the banana in the same casual attitude. Put the pen back in my bag, placed the banana on the chair, grabbed my bag and casually walked out the gallery to never return again. Besides my autograph, I’d written a sales prize on the banana of 200 euros.

The performance was a remark on the paradox I feel as a young artist, to -one the one hand- be commercial and active as a creative entrepreneur, and -on the other hand- , stay authentic and autonomous within the art scene