Upcoming exhibitions
- ART Rotterdam, Prospects & Concepts, 7th - 13th of February 2018
- Neck of the Woods, 10th of March, Eldorado 300, Monochrome, Rotterdam
- Performance Art NL, OPA, artist talk, 15th of March 2018
- Food for Thoughts, Worm, performance & diner, April 2018

Selection of previous exhibitions
2017, Interview, Not Random Art Magazine
2017, Interview, Yeds
2017, Arte Sin Limites galerie, in cooperation with Art-S-Cool, Den Haag
2017, Stichting Doen, showcasing the research book Zo
ön Politikon
2017, Arte Concordia, Zoön Politikon, 9th of September - 8th of October 2017
2017, Now & Then, Eldorado3000, performance Angst, Rotterdam
2017, Backfire, ArtZNSTD, installation The Wander, Zaandam
2017, 4Bid gallery, The Rite, Amsterdam

2016, Artist talk, De Garage, Rotterdam
2016, iSocial, MINT, Worm, Rotterdam
2016, The Rite, Roodkapje, Winterwolven. Arminius, Rotterdam
2016, Der Stille Mensch, performance at the marketplace in Rotterdam
2016, Krisis - #1, Cooperation with Robert Roelink, Uitdagen Rotterdam, Kruisplein Rotterdam
2016, My Fucking Fabulous Facebook Life, 3 in 1 Festival, Breda
2016, Save the SoundParticipating in performance art piece by Lars Reen, Cultuurnacht Breda

2015, Statue of the Brave, Community arts project, together with Mira Ticheler at Festival the Brave, Amsterdam, 15th of august
2015, Graduation tutor for Jelena Dolgopol (Bachelor of Fine Art, Willem de Kooning academy), open air performance at the Grote Kerkplein in Rotterdam

2014, Pooogen, 08:00 a.m. 26th of February till 08:00 a.m. 28th of Februay, time-based performance art piece, 
PAE, Wolf_artspaces
2014, Not Dead Yet, 13th of June, Performance art and community arts project, WTC Beursplein, Rotterdam

2013, Dr. Jester, Castlefest 2013, four day long performance act at the festival
Matters of perspective, De Witte Slagerij, Rotterdam (solo-exhibition)
Being human anno 2012, RAW-showcases, Coolsingel Rotterdam (exhibition)

Being Human Anno 2012, WTC Beurplein, Rotterdam (solo-performance)
Graduation festival, Rotterdam (Group exhibition)
Route du Nord, Zaagmolendrift 35 Rotterdam, (group exhibition with Anita Doornheim, Ron Eikenhout, Peter Arnoud and Francis Sling)
Togathering, ATFR, O.T. Theater Rotterdam, (solo-performance)
Familie Voorzaat, Putsebocht Rotterdam (group exhibition with Bianca den Breejen, Linde Akkerman and Josephine Baan)
One Piece Remake, Pulchri studios, Den Haag (performance with Karin Arink, Renée Kool and Bianca den Breejen)
De Grote op Leven en Dood Show, Theater Werklicht & Podium O950 (solo performance)
Sorry Boom, voor het Papier, publishing of this poetrybook

2011, Graduation exhibition WdKa, Fenixloodsen, Rotterdam
Aanstormend Talent 2011, Podium O950, Rotterdam (duo performance)
Absolutely Bananas, Best of WdKa, Frank Taal gallery, Rotterdam (group exhibition with Jim Impelmans, Jules Calis, Wendy van der Hart)
2011, Wereld van de Witte de With festival, Showroom Mama, Rotterdam (group performance with Wes Westenburg)
Togathering, Willem de Kooning academie, (solo-performance)
2011, The Adventures of The Great Abnerio, International Film Festival Rotterdam, (participating in film project by Abner Preis)

2009 - 2010, 
Baroeg Rotterdam (more then 10 solo performances through out 2009 and 2010)
2009, Museumnacht Rotterdam, Goethe instituut Rotterdam (group exhibition with Mette Sterre, Inge Aanstoot and M.V. Baks)

2009, Muse, pop-up gallery Downw_arts, Rotterdam-Zuidplein, (group exhibition)

2018: Trendbeheer, about All for Art on Art Rotterdam
2018, De Telegraaf, 9 februari, 'Minder beurzen, Sterkere presentatie' about All for Art
2018, Blog Birgit Donker, Mondriaanfonds, about All for Art, at Art Rotterdam
2018, Het Parool, 8 februari, about All for Art, at Art Rotterdam
2018, Performance Art NL, about All for Art, at Art Rotterdam
2018, Museumtijdschrift, about All for Art, at Art Rotterdam
2018, Nieuwsredactie, about All for Art, at Art Rotterdam
2018, Mondriaanfonds, biography (also printed in the catalogue for Prospects & Concepts)

2017, De Havenloods, about Zoon Politikon at Arte Concordia
2017, Kunstroute Kralingen Crooswijk, about Zoon Art Politikon at Arte Concordia
2017, Interview, Not Random Art Magazine
2017, Interview, Yeds
2016, Uitdagen Rotterdam (and program booklet), about Krisis at Uitdagen Rotterdam
2015, Frame the Artist, TENT Centre for Contemporary Art and Showroom MAMA (Rotterdam)
2014, De Grote Rotterdamse Kunstkalender 2014, on Being Human Anno 2012
2012, Rotterdam TV, exhibition Familie Voorzaat
2009, IJssel & Lekstreek, interview

2008, AD, newspaper, article on Urban Aula project
2008, Maasstad, newspaper, article on Urban Aula project


2016, Mondriaan Fonds, Werkbijdrage Jong Talent, grant
2012, Vrijvrouwe van Renswoude, grant
2012, Bekker la Bastide fonds, grant

2017Zoön Politikon, Arte Concordia, Rotterdam
2008, Wallpainting in auditorium, Emmauscollege, Rotterdam

Published writings:
2017, Zoön politikon - De Nederlander als Politiek Dier, independent release for Arte Concordia
2014, A Map to a World Called Performance Art, Thesis Ma of Arts, Codarts
2012, Onbegrensd Mens, Ba of fine-arts, Willem de Kooning academy
2012, Sorry Boom voor het Papier, published poems