life is art and art is life

I'm obsessed with being alive. Yet mostly, I live in a state of forgetfulness
and interruption; questioning how I could be living life differently,
in a more complex way and (worst of all) ''better and more efficiently''.
Questioning how much I can control the course of my life, and how
much others are influencing my life. Looking for timeless truths and
contemporary dogmas. Thus, my art is a documentation of my
development as a human being.
Very ''po-mo'' right? Being both the researcher as well as the subject...

Ever in a sickeningly romantic attempt, to reach the impossible goal, of being enlightened.
And then, after yet another
ugly breakdown or surprise,
I finally escape the paradox through art.
- Only briefly -
And then, slightly transformed, start all over again...


2016 - Mondriaanfonds
Werkbijdrage Jong Talent

2012 - Vrijvrouwe van Renswoude

2012 - Bekker la Bastide Fonds



Codarts, Rotterdam, Master of Arts, Community arts

2008 - 2012
Willem de Kooning academy, Rotterdam bachelor of fine-arts
Erasmus University, Rotterdam, minor philosophy

2002 - 2008
Emmauscollege, Rotterdam, VWO atheneum



2016 - present
Coordinator and art-teacher at Art-S-Cool, The Hague

2015 - present

Lecturer on the topic of performance art and conceptual art
(regarding my book publication A Map to a World Called Performance Art, 2015),
at Codarts and private courses)

2014 - now
Founder of Arty Farty Life. Blog and vlog for sustainable,
innovative and social ideas and products

2009 - now
Graphic designer

Production assistant at PAE (Performance Art Platform, Rotterdam)

2008 - 2013
Founder of Art Platform Downw_arts (gallery at Zuidplein Laag 94 in Rotterdam
from 2008 up until 2009, and later organizing exhibitions in numerous
locations in Rotterdam)

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