Silent Breach (2018)

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Durational performance of eight days (64 hours)

"Hundreds of footstept daily cross this hallway. Family, doctors, patients, the cafetaria staff, hostesess... They're all on their way to something, or someone. And everyone of them carry around their own thoughts and emotions. Everyday, throughout this hallway... But what are all these thoughts? Would it be possible to capture them somehow? Like taking a snapshot? Or actually, by creating a silent monument for the life passing though this hall..."


The Maria Hospital in Overpelt (Belgium) invited me, after visiting my hospital bed at the Art Rotterdam performance All for Art I did previousely in 2018, to create an interactive performance for all the patients and staff of their hospital.

I build this bench-and-table installation, so people could come and sit down with me, to share their thoughts, tell me their stories. And so they did... I spoke to more then 200 people, telling me their stories about life, illness, love and death.
The first four days I sat down in the entrance hall of the Maria Hospital. The last four days I spend in the nearby MS clinic in their main hallway. I let people write of draw their thoughts on sheets of cotton. If they weren't able to, I wrote their stories down for them. In between the conversations, I sew them together. Sitting in the installation for 10 hours a day without leaving. 
The result is a textile collage which measures 2 x 3 meters, that is yet to be installed in the main hall of the Maria Hospital in september of 2018.






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