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August, 2016

This project is a ongoing cooperartion together with fine-artist Robert Roelink. The dome, made out of numerous plastic bags by Roelink, was first installed at the busy city square Kruisplein, right in front of the central trainstation in Rotterdam. People who passed by, were invited to enter the dome to see a 15 minute musical performance by both Roelink and myself. During the performance, the blower that kept the dome up by blowing wind into it, would blowing at a certain point, so the dome would slowely but surely collaps during the performance. The performance would go on and the public reacted differently each time around. Some groups would hold up the dome in solidarity. Other groups would just let the phere on their heads. Some people afterwards even told us, that they actually suffered from claustrophobia, but decided to stay inside, out of solidarity with the others inside who would't flie as well. As well as an autonomous piece, this project is also an experiment on human behaviour.

Robert Roelink and I, met during an artist talk Robert gave about his work in 2016. Here it became evident that we both care about many similar theme's, which are also the subject of our work, such as the environtmental problem, the recent financial crisis and the dangerous apparent social indifference about these themes within our society.





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